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Gepost door SionB op dinsdag 30-01-2018 om 11:20:27
Boom Bap Beat on 89 bpm.

I hope you like this Beat.
constructive criticism is welcome

if you cant stand the heat, get out of the kitchen
Gepost door NoJoke op dinsdag 30-01-2018 om 12:36:59
The drums kicks n snares sound good

But the sound effects are bad

Welk you did your best i guess
Keep practicing and learning
Develop your own style
I shall look for you, Lord by praying to you and as I pray I shall believe in you, because we have had preachers to tell us about you. It is my faith that calls to you, Lord the faith such you gave me and made to live in me through the merits of your Son,
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