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U fool, thinking I'm chill
Gepost door Killa-Eyez op donderdag 16-03-2006 om 15:19:33
Dit is een korte teksteje van me, me 2e Engelse tekst, en laat me effe weten wat je er van vindt;


Brothers & Sista's, lend me yo ears
I'm bout to tell ya'll sumthin to remember for years
Been to long on this earth with shed blood and cried tears
But there's still no stoppin the use of machineguns and gears
It is our time to stop the madness at once
We the people who live in and by the fire of gunz
We are promised a happy ending in every fucking tale
While this society's sinking in plains of bleach, lookin paled
No preparation is made, limited aid and minimum wage
The economics is devastating, everyone's got a plague
The decease is called Bush, that cheatin muthafucka
He knocked the twin towers just so he could get to Osama
But all that's just a cover,
cuz ya know they're like brotha's
They be dealin in guns and oil with each other
That cracker's got us thinking that Osama's the bad guy
While Iraq's oil's been taking over cuz he don't wanna buy
Mothers havin' babies that be lookin' like X-Files
Soldiers coming home with radio active blood cells
Infecting they're families, not knowing where it's coming from
A matter soon America and the whole world will be suffering on
Now I'm just a civilian that be living in Holland
And I ain't got shit to do with America's problems
Still I'm rapping about it cuz it's got a brotha bothered
See what happens when our people be coming home from the foreign
You don't know what they got
you wonderin why they hot
It's got you stressin whith what kinda weapen they got shot
Alarms that did go off
Alerting nuclear stuff
Commanders telling it's nothing but fearing it ain't a bluff
Trained to walk 100 miles in the desert with few water
Coming home from desert storm unabled to be a father
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U fool, thinking I'm chill
Gepost door Killa-Eyez op woensdag 04-07-2007 om 14:32:41
Move On Up!!!
Sign up ahead says, [url=]"Welcome to *ssholeville!"[/url]
I Ain't Afraid To Die, I'm Afraid To Live
Gepost door E-Masta op donderdag 05-07-2007 om 15:01:27
[EnG] It's really good keep it up! I writing eng raps and nl raps

[NL] Het is echt goed ga zo door! ik schrijf engelse raps en nl raps
Hip Hop is dead....
Gepost door 038-RAZ op donderdag 05-07-2007 om 20:34:58
Killa-Eyez schreef op 04-07-2007 @ 16:32
Move On Up!!!

lol serieus wat kick je dit na een jaar xD
Je bent geen MC en niet technisch waardig.
Je rapt ziek,. en ik bedoel het echt niet aardig.
Seubie Gepost door Seubie op donderdag 05-07-2007 om 20:35:53
is het nooit goed ? na een paar uur vinden mensen het te vroeg, kickt deze man het na een jaar is het wer niet goed !!!

U fool, thinking I'm chill
Gepost door Killa-Eyez op woensdag 11-07-2007 om 18:51:23
Fok it, ben zowat een jaar niet meer op de forums geweest, ik kom weer effe zie dat er geen reacties zijn, dus kick ik em effe.... Maar thanks voor al jullie comments, me's apreciates it's!!!
Sign up ahead says, [url=]"Welcome to *ssholeville!"[/url]
U fool, thinking I'm chill
Gepost door Killa-Eyez op maandag 06-12-2010 om 07:20:06
En dan kicken we het gewoon weer, na fokking 3 jaar!!!! Hou me tegen dan?
Sign up ahead says, [url=]"Welcome to *ssholeville!"[/url]
Gepost door aprofourz op maandag 06-12-2010 om 08:08:30
zo bedoel je?
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