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Gepost door Mindstate op donderdag 07-08-2008 om 08:21:55

Artist: Jackson Conti
Album: Sujinho
Label: Kindred Spirits
Released: 2008
Style: Nu Jazz, Latin, Bossa

Great grooves from Jackson Conti -- not a dude, but a duo -- one that features Madlib teamed with Mamao, drummer from the legendary Azymuth! The album's got a really unique feel one that mixes Madlib's chunky, fuzzy style of production with some of the cleaner, jazzier Azymuth grooves of late a combination that shouldn't work so well, but which comes across with really amazing results! There's a bit of beats on the set, but a fair bit of the percussion is acoustic too making for more warmth than before from Madlib almost a transplantation of the Yesterday's New Quintet sound to the sunnier Rio scene. Keyboards have a strong role too often with the sort of edgey, compelling tones you'd hear on the first few Azymuth recordings of the 70s and other instrumentation includes bits of guitar, flute, sax, and other well-placed touches -- but all used in weird ways that are somewhere between typical jazz and Brazilian modes.

1 Mamaoism (0:32)
2 Barumba (3:47)
3 Anna De Amsterdam Interlude (0:18 )
4 Praca Da Republica (4:02)
5 Papaya (10:03)
6 Brasilian Sugar (6:27)
7 Sao Paulo Nights (4:21)
8 Xibaba (4:51)
9 Upa Neguinho (4:14)
10 Casa Forte (3:51)
11 Amazon Stroll (4:30)
12 Berimbau (5:15)
13 Anna De Amsterdam Reprise (0:27)
14 Waiting On The Corner (5:01)
15 Tijuca Man (2:38 )
16 Nao Tem Nada Nao (3:36)
17 Sunset At Sujinho (1:55)
18 Segura Esta Onda (7:01)

Weet niet of mensen hiervan weten maar zag geen topic.

Heeeerlijk album dit zonder twijfel, zonnetje op mn bolletje met deze plaat aan. Aanrader!
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