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Gepost door Mindstate op woensdag 23-12-2009 om 11:36:17

At their core, heroes are trailblazers, engulfed by a spirit that is unafraid to break outside the constraints of conformity to innovate and improve the space in which they exist. And their path is a rocky one – some of the greatest minds of our time have been plagued by the pioneer’s curse. All too often, the rest of the world greets these ahead-of-their-time individuals with a blind eye (or even worse, hostility). Unfortunately, tangible genius is rarely recognized until it is no longer with us. With the release of their sophomore album No More Heroes (the second in a trilogy of conceptually-linked records for Anti-), Orlando-based hip hop quartet Solillaquists of Sound have accomplished the rare feat of creating a body of work that’s as palatable to the public as it is groundbreaking, imaginative, and rewarding to listeners looking for something more in the soundtrack to their lives.

“this is the most awesome song in the history of awesomedom” - LA Weekly on the song “Death of the Muse” a tribute to J Dilla

01. Marvel
02. Harriet Tubman Pt. 2
03. New Sheriff In Town
04. Gotham City Chase Scene
05. Look
06. Popcorn
07. The Curse
08. Dolla Dolla
09. The Roots Of Kinte
10. Fittin’ In
11. Death Of The Muse feat. Ma Dukes, J-Live & Chali 2na
12. 4 People
13. Heroes
14. Solillaquy (The 4-Telling)
15. Bulletproof
16. No More Heroes (The Illusion Of Silence)

Heerlijk album dit, moest eerst even wennen maar na elke luisterbeurt word het beter en beter.

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Outshining Gepost door Outshining op woensdag 23-12-2009 om 15:28:45
Ik weet niet Bitje.. die eerste track is wel oké maar die tweede voel ik echt niet. Hoe is de rest?
Gepost door Mindstate op woensdag 23-12-2009 om 15:39:10
Ik vind het wel een lekker album eigenlijk, The Roots Of Kinte is ook tof. Vind Death Of The Muse echt geweldig btw, stem van die chick is echt nice.

Jammer dat je het niets vind B, ik vind het dopeness.
Duurde bij mij ook even voor ik dit echt tof vond, moest nogal wennen aan de aparte stijl die ze hanteren.. Gewoon paar keer luisteren.

Check op youtube anders wat andere tracks.
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