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Gepost door Weazel op maandag 17-05-2010 om 01:00:01


'' Sacramento rapper X-Raided was stabbed during a prison riot at Pleasant Valley State Prison.

A group of inmates affiliated with the gang The Northern Riders were responsible for the attack on the rapper, because he refused to produce their album.

The result was a full-blown riot when three African-American inmates attempted to assist X-Raided, who fought his three assailants.

&quot;These guys are essentially a Protective Custody gang. They're a group of guys who were kicked off of the mainline by the Norte who came together on a sensitive needs yard and made up a new PC gang,&quot; a source close to X-Raided told &quot;It's ridiculous. They ran away from the mainline only to get to an SNY facility and form a new so-called gang.&quot;

Information on the inmates were scant, although the inmates responsible for the attack were identified as convicts: R. Werth, Gonzales, and Lawson.

X-Raided, born Anera&eacute; Brown Coalinga, was attacked by Werth who used a state toothbrush with eight razor blades taped and tied to it.

Gonzales used a knife made from a piece of metal removed from the prison's baseball facilities equipment.

The attackers stabbed X-Raided seven times, before a dozen officers were called in to regain control.

The rapper was airlifted to Community Regional Medical Center in Fresno, California.

A source said the attack on X-Raided's was an extortion attempt, a source stated.

&quot;They wanted him to produce and release their rap album,&quot; a source said. &quot;We're talking about inmates serving Life without the possibility of parole (Werth and Gonzales) wanting to be rap stars, and feeling so rejected to the point of wanting to kill him in an attempt to gain some fame. It's absurd. Our client shouldn't be facing threats of death on any Special Needs Yard, especially from a bunch of cowards who ran away from the mainline to escape from the Norte, only to clique up on any SNY facility. If they wanted to be tough guys they should have stayed on the mainline.&quot;

All three inmates have been charges with attempted murder.

X-Raided is currently serving 31 years in prison for taking part in a deadly gang related shooting in 1992 that left one woman dead.

He has managed to release at least 13 albums since his incarceration. ''

Gevalletje '' slechte karmische toestanden ''
KoenakadeJager Gepost door KoenakadeJager op maandag 17-05-2010 om 03:08:14
ik heb geen zin om t helemaal te lezen, is ie dood? ofwat? ken em verder ook niet. 31 jaar cel is wel veel trouwens, als je hier in nl iemand vermoord krijg je dat nog lang niet eens maar goed dat is een andere issue
Gepost door livio op maandag 17-05-2010 om 17:44:09
Wat een gemeneriken in de bajes zeg!
Gepost door Nickert op maandag 17-05-2010 om 17:45:13
Is dit nieuws?
Gepost door livio op maandag 17-05-2010 om 17:46:47
Ja het is weer een knap staaltje onzinnigheid van Weazel.
Gepost door Finger op maandag 17-05-2010 om 17:47:05
Zal wel aan mij liggen maar ik ken die hele gast niet.

edit* als ik dit zo luister heb ik ook niks gemist.
[ Dit bericht is gewijzigd door op 17-05-2010 @ 17:49:42 ]
Schaduw Gepost door Schaduw op maandag 17-05-2010 om 18:02:07

Gepost door Anima op maandag 17-05-2010 om 18:04:51
Die kerel ziet er geniepig uit.. Dus wat zou het?
Gepost door Weazel op maandag 17-05-2010 om 18:36:21
@ Nickert

Naar mijn weten wel.

@ Livio

Ik doe mijn best.

@ Finger

Ik ken zijn muziek ook niet echt goed, maar je mist ook niet veel inderdaad..
Maar hij deed eerder wel eens wat met Brotha Lynch Hung en C-Bo, vandaar.

@ Schaduw


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