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Gepost door Snaba_Dog op maandag 31-05-2010 om 12:34:12
Is het iemand al gelukt? en hoe dan?
Ik ben kort door de bocht als Sven Kramer
Gepost door aprofourz op maandag 31-05-2010 om 15:06:51
I made Pro tools LE work with WIndows 7 64bit. I have a HP desktop and a digi rack 002, with firewire port.

1st. Go to the device manager and change the Firewire driver. it is something like IEEE 1394 Host controller. right click, update driver software, browse my comp for driver software, let me pick for driver soft etc:, And select the "legacy" driver.

2nd. you need to go to the digidesign web site and download (Pro tools LE 8.0.3 Updater) you may have to subscribe, they just ask for a email , and user name.. you dont need any code or anything.

3rd. YOu need to download Degidesign Audio Driver Setup(x64).exe, also from digidesign.

4. Run the Pro tools Le 8.0.3 Updater, next run the Audio drivers, and you will up and running in no time.. Any questions send me an email
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