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locuta Gepost door locuta op woensdag 02-01-2002 om 10:57:29
Stomme Stephen King, waar blijft de donkere toren 5.... we wachten nu al 3 jaar...
Gepost door QyRoZ op woensdag 02-01-2002 om 11:04:14
Hij wacht tot ik eerst de eerste vier delen heb gelezen
De mate van kinderachtigheid van dit soort posts is te sneu voor woorden.
araphor Gepost door araphor op woensdag 02-01-2002 om 14:39:19
    Dear Constant Reader,

    Roland of Gilead--also known as the gunslinger--has finally saddled up again. This time I'm hoping to press on to the very end and publish the remaining volumes all at the same time. That probably means three books, one of them fairly short and one of the other two quite long. As for the time it will take to write them...well, that's ka, isn't it? All I know for sure is that DT5 will almost certainly not be called THE CRAWLING SHADOW, as previously reported here (reported by me, in fact, but I was younger then). If I had to guess, I'd say that the push to completion will take two years, depending on all the usual variables, like sickness, accidents, and--scariest of all--a failure of inspiration. The only thing I know for sure is that all these old friends of mine are as alive as they ever were. And as dangerous.

    I'm posting "Calla Bryn Sturgis," the prologue to DT5, to repay the readers of these stories, if only a little, for their patience. And in my own defense, all I can say is that it's never easy to find the doorway back into Roland's world.

    Roland, Eddie, Susannah, Jake, and Oy all wish you well. So do I. And as the residents of the Calla might say, may this do ya fine, tell God thankee.



Dark Tower V
by Stephen King
Prologue: Calla Bryn Sturgis:

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teigetje Gepost door teigetje op maandag 14-01-2002 om 18:29:17
Wat hoorde ik nou over "Zwart huis"/"Black house", een nieuw boek van Stephen King? Wordt hierin ongeveer alles gespoild over Dark Tower?
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araphor Gepost door araphor op dinsdag 15-01-2002 om 17:18:46
Naar het schijnt...

Stephen King = gek
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