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Gepost door Weazel op vrijdag 25-01-2008 om 13:23:50
Klinkt wel lekker Sickjack.
Mooi chill deuntje en relaxte flow.

Kerel lijkt qua stem wel op die rapper ''Gangsta''.
sickjack Gepost door sickjack op vrijdag 25-01-2008 om 18:31:35
Weazel schreef op 25-01-2008 @ 13:23

Kerel lijkt qua stem wel op die rapper ''Gangsta''.

ja nou dat je het zegt
dont act a fool,i'm far from stupid
i'm smart like a harvard student
Gepost door Weazel op zaterdag 26-01-2008 om 14:55:36
Een topic over Eazy-E hier op

Gepost door Weazel op zaterdag 02-02-2008 om 02:09:36

Barwork... West up...
Lift up (Pull up, dip)
Barwork (Watch the star work 'til it's it)
West up (Forever my shit)
Barwork (Watch the star work 'til it's it)

I made a sound and an idea
A profitable business, year after year
Undeniably I care, around the clock on the block
In the street they gotta hear
The legendary Likwit Herut
In the blue and grey Air's and the Evisu
My pro club status is crispy too
Blow kush in the air, Johnny Walker Blue
You Triple A niggaz just kill me dude
Stay bitin' every thing that the West Coast do
But I done seen it for years, thick and through
Don't matter, feed yours kids whatever you do
And let's all get this money like Howard Hughes
Tight grip on life, damn right, don't lose
Advertise Mr. Herut on Pay-Per-View
Understand what this black man gave to you

[Chorus - 2X]
Lift up (Pull up, dip)
Barwork (Watch the star work 'til it's it)
West up (Forever my shit)
Barwork (Watch the star work 'til it's it)

Master of deception that's not my thing
Barwork allows me to cut my frame
1/24 Sandra birthed Duane
She gave to the world a chance to change the game
I roll with the Coast that the gangstas claim
High speed blowin' weed in the diamond lane
And respect to your cheese and your hustle mayne
Remember knowledge is degrees on a higher plane
Miraculous, vernacular, the West is Won
But all the shit I been through, I'm just havin' fun
The cowbody partied off Bacardi Gold
Got his swipe wet at 14 years old
L.A. inner town's where I get down
The Baby Jesus stays lined up, call it my crown
I'm like "Look nigga, which type of hook are you?"
No, you and Herut ain't got no plans for movement!
I pull up to my chest, not my neck
You half-ass rap dudes can feel the disrespect
Defari, that's the D to the E
Hey, Johnson used to teach at the I-N-G, chuuch

[Chorus - 2X]
Lift up (Pull up, dip)
Barwork (Watch the star work 'til it's it)
West up (Forever my shit)
Barwork (Watch the star work 'til it's it)

(West up)
Bomboklat Gepost door Bomboklat op woensdag 06-02-2008 om 12:29:16
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Gepost door Weazel op zondag 10-02-2008 om 12:07:53
Interview van DUBCNN met Knoc-Tur'Al

Dubcnn: We're right here with Knoc-Turn'Al! It's been a few years since we've heard from you Knoc, so to start it off, how you doing man?

I'm pretty good, how are you?

Dubcnn: I'm good, thanks! At one point, you were considered the most anticipated West Coast artist coming out, and then little by little it seemed like everything was going wrong. How do you feel looking back at the early 2000's?

I feel like I was drinking and smoking too much, wasn't worried about business, you know? I was too busy having fun instead of just worrying about solidifying my family. That's a mistake you make sometimes when you're young, I'm older now and I believe I can bounce back. I made good music before, and I'm on my way to trying to be legendary, so I'm not gonna give up.

Dubcnn: What exactly happened over at Elektra Records, what was going on over there?

Elektra Records was owned by an organisation called WEA, it was Warner Brothers, Atlantic and Elektra, WEA. Time Warner owned that company, and sold Elektra to Lyor Cohen, that was formerly from Def Jam. They fired 400 people in the rap department, and the people that they fired was Sylvia Rhone, she's one of the chairwomen for Universal now, and she's also the CEO of Motown.

Jay Brown, he's over there at Def Jam Records now, him and Sylvia had signed my deal back when I was with L.A. Confidential and dealing with Dre. It seems that I'm always caught up in somebody's politics, but I just keep pushing forward.

Dubcnn: Who made the decision to drop that Knoc's Landing EP at that time instead of the LP and why?

Well, it was a situation where I kind of got bootlegged more than cable in the hood, this was back in 2001 or 2002. The thing was, we needed to regroup and try to get a budget with some songs that weren't being bootlegged, and do the EP, so that we could come back with a LP, which is "The Way I Am". It took a while, it took a little bit of planning, but I believe it came out ok.

"The Way I Am" sold out in L.A. within 4 hours in Tower Records on Sunset, I had a poster up there and everything, and it sold out. But being that Lyor [Cohen] fired everybody, it kind of downplayed my album because people were calling to get more issues and there was nobody to order them for!

Like I said he fired 400 people in the rap department, so it was like "Who are you gonna call to get more orders from?" I don't know anybody over there after that, that he hired. I'm not saying he didn't come in and clean the house and did what's best for the company, all I'm saying is that my album came out in the middle of someone else's politics. You see what I'm saying?

Dubcnn: Yeah I feel you. I mean you had a crazy record, the bootlegs that got leaked to the internet, it was some crazy records on there. Do you know how or why it got leaked?

I don't know how it got leaked, but you gotta take the good with the bad. You can't just say "Oh that's a bad thing." Because if they didn't like your music, then they wouldn't bootleg you, of course. So you gotta the good with the bad. I know that if I go by a bootleg for a movie or something, and I feel like that movie is worth buying, when it comes out on DVD for $9,99, I'll go buy it, cause it's a movie worth having. Then I'll get the Director's Cut and everything else!

Dubcnn: You were apart of one of Hip-Hop greatest albums of all time, 2001, can you tell us some of your memories from the recording of that album?

My biggest memories man... It was a big family ordeal. I'm glad that Nate Dogg is alright but that's somebody I had the chance to work with, Warren G, Snoop Dogg. They're all great people, Nate Dogg is a great person, he recently had a stroke, I wish him a speedy recovery. I am a person that tries to live as stress free as I can, and I know that I have disappointed my fans because I haven't been out in four years. April 23rd 2008 it will be four years that I haven't released an album to the public.

I just feel like I need to get back with the fans, but you know what, I did it all for my family and trying to keep things together. Because one thing that I learned from Dr. Dre for sure is that you gotta take care of family. You gotta take care of your home or else you're not going to have a future. It was times that I wasn't at home for maybe 10 months out the year! I'm paying for something that I never see, my family, I don't even get to enjoy that! It's kind of like a preacher being a preacher but then not having his home together!

You can't be a narrator to the streets for the West Coast and then not have your own self together! So I had to get myself together, and that's why I'm able to take this interview. I had a real bad and sick alcohol problem. Of course everybody knows that. I don't have to hide that. But it's ok! I battled that.

Dubcnn: So after the record got bootlegged and kept getting pushed back, what did you do after that?

After that I did a song with Too Short, I did "The Wash" soundtrack, I released five songs on an EP to where I felt like we could at least rebudgetize so we could go back and at least break even with the budget so I could make another album that the fans could actually enjoy.

Dubcnn: Then you kind of disappeared for a while, and then that "Return Of The Hustler" album surfaced... What was up with that cover man?

That was some bootleg shit, I had nothing to do with that. I'm glad that you touched on that, because I would like to let my public and my fans know that I would never make some music of that quality. It was someone else's project, I can't be mad about it, I can't glorify it or anything, it was just somebody who saw an opportunity to fuck me over because I do have a name for myself.

That was an album that really didn't have anything to do with, he tried to act like it's my album but if you listen to it, I'm only on a few songs. What happened was, I came to Texas, I moved out here, I was trying to do something with somebody, and they fraudulently released this music.

Dubcnn: That was crazy, cause you had that picture, in the horrible quality, with the Nascar background, it was just like "Wow."

What I'm saying is, if you look at my reputation in the music business, and at what I've come out with, you'll see that I've only came out with a EP and an LP. I've come out on "The Wash", on "Chronic 2001", I was on "Lights Out" that brought the Westside Connection back, I've done some stuff with Quik, some stuff with Missy Elliott, I mean if you look at the type of person I am, you should know that that is not an album that I would release.

Dubcnn: That's why it had people tripping out!

It's ok. I can't really dwell on it, I'm in a process where I'm just trying to be corporate, and take a corporate approach instead of a street approach, only because I've blown up a little bit. One thing for sure is that they sold the music in Japan and all that stuff, they had a good fraudulent thing going on, but I'll own their company soon. That's not a joke.

Dubcnn: After that, you appeared on J. Wells "Digital Smoke" album on the song "Got Me Going", tell us about that song.

Indeed, that was a song that me and J. Wells did a while back, he's a good individual. The blessing was, I was found by Dre, Dr. Dre fell specifically in my lap, to where I just had to go up there and say that I rapped and I kinda had it handed to me a little bit. So anytime I get around other people like J. Wells or there is this artist out here called Big Tyme with Equity records, my whole thing is, as many people as I can bring to the table, why shouldn't I want to help them get it? I know to you it might sound like I'm talking in circles, but I got a million things on my mind.

Dubcnn: It's all good, we're going to get to everything.

Yeah, the million things, I got a lot of stuff to do, I'm not done yet. Just so I can become a legend. Everybody knows that I got on through Dr. Dre, okay, now it's my time to prove myself, you know? But ain't nothing soft about me, that's all I'm saying. It's gonna be alright. Okay people fucked me over, this and that, what you want me to do, go to jail and lay everybody down? Or be here for my family and be a real man!

Dubcnn: What happened to L.A. Confidential, does that group still exist?

Honestly, I have no quarrels with them. Big D he helped me go to Dr. Dre and meet Dr. Dre, he got me from Mark Sparks, and that was a whole little political thing, he actually bought me from Mark Sparks, I ain't gonna lie about it. The thing is, I went to Dre, Big D wanted to start L.A. Confidential, it was a big vision, but I just felt like it was time to move on, especially if I can't receive everything that I want, or everything that I need, when I'm the one that's holding the foundation together.

Sometimes you grow faster than other people expect you to, and that's the only situation with that. It's not a bad situation, it's not like I have to have a problem with him, if he called me today and asked me to do a song I still would do it. He just didn't expect me to grow as fast as I did. It's only because I'm in the studio right now, I'm a good person, and I try to treat everybody fairly in regards to my situation, that I still come out like this.

Dubcnn: Do you still keep in touch with Time Bomb, Slip Capone and them?

I wish that they would call me. I really do. Cause I wouldn't have a problem to do a song with them.

Dubcnn: You said you moved to Texas, did you get a chance to hook back up with Six-Two and D.O.C.'s people down there?

Briefly, but they're not the type of people that want to come out all the time. When I came to Texas it mainly for a privilege of trying to build a whole other situation as far as Equity Records is concerned. It wasn't for prior connections, I'm not mad about trying to connect with somebody, but I have to have my business together before I even try to bring somebody else into it. You can't just say "Come on let's go do this" when you don't know where this is going to lead them or me. I needed to make sure everything is right and solidified.

Dubcnn: As you mentioned before, there was a lot of talk about your alcohol problems and that you were in rehab and all that, do you want to clear that up so the people hear the real deal from your mouth?

The real deal is: Yeah I have an alcohol problem, I've always had it. When I said "drinking, smoking, straight West Coastin'", I meant that, and that's what people loved me for. And I said it was "Super Ugly", I never said it was nice. My point beyond that is, to clear it up, sometimes people get older and they try to rectify situations in their past, what they don't like about themselves.

Of course, I might still drink on a weekend, yeah if you buy me a drink I'll drink with you, but I'm not just gonna sit there and keep drinking day in day out, or smoking day in day out. It's not what business is about. The only way I could rectify that was being able to say "Nah, not right now." If people take me like I'm a punk because of that, then I would have to deal with them, but it doesn't mean any disrespect to anyone.

Dubcnn: You gotta do what's best for yourself...

I mean if you wanna buy me a drink get me some water or something, and I'll drink with you while you're drinking your tonic and gin or something! It's cool! I'm battling something that's a disease, big dog. You pray for heatlth, and you gotta look at the ancestors that came before you, they were battling for health. Me being the age that I am right now, knowing that I am at least a decase less than they are, what I have to do is tell myself that my children are worth having me alive, so they don't have to go through the pain of not having me, you know?

Dubcnn: I feel that. So Knoc is back and you're working on your new album right now called "Book Of Knoc" is that correct?

Yeah, it's the "Book Of Knoc". You gotta understand that my name is Royal Harbor, that's me. Knoc-Turn'Al is a character that I created for myself so that I could be a street narrator and to tell you what's going on in the California streets. I dedicated myself to just being a narrator to what's going on in California and different issues that we touch on with people that come from out of town and different things.

Basically, if you ever noticed, people might diss or whatever, but I never do diss songs on anyone. I've been here for 8 going on 9 years professionally, 4 or 5 years before that, and I don't get caught up in dissing people, I just want to make good music. That's really important to me, so that I never have somebody come and vandalize my house or nothing like that, cause instead of me dissing you, I'd rather ring your doorbell. *ding dong* Send this shit on this 45 volume microphone, please! You know? Cause I didn't understand what you was saying on that song on the radio! It don't make sense! I'm not finna run around acting crazy with people. Let's try to make music! Some people like it, some people don't.

But then I still go back to the drawing board and still try to make everything relevant to what's going on. With "The Book Of Knoc" it's going to be great. Then after that, I have my crew MathMadix,I got Big Tyme, Knawledg and Ripacut, they're all solo artists that got their stuff coming out. It's gonna be a good movement, instead of me just coming out and saying "Hey here I am again!", it's gonna be like "This is why I was away, I needed to go and get some people that could actually deal with musical me, that got their own personality and that are worthy of being solo artists." I'm gonna come back with a camp and hopefully the world will love it!

Dubcnn: What's your label situation right now are you signed to Treacherous Records?

Treacherous Records, I was signed to them for so long and they've done a lot of things, and I'm not saying anything bad about them, but I was with them for 3 or 4 years, and they never put my album out. The situation was supposed to be that I just give them my album, this was maybe three and a half years ago, and they'd just release it!

Three and a half years later, I've built a camp with Equity Records, and Treacherous Records, like I said, I have nothing bad to say about them, Tico is a great dude, everybody, I don't want a bad situation to ever happen. I'm not a bad person. But what I want to happen is that I want people to do what they say they are going to do. I got Equity Records, and they're like "Come on, let's do this!" You do the math, if you see here and think to yourself: you got somebody that you've been signed to for a long time, and you turn around and you got somebody saying "come on come on come on!"

Of course sometimes it might be confusing, but the reality of it is exactly what it is, I have to do this thing with Equity Records, that's happening. Treacherous Records has never done anything to me to where I feel violated, except for not putting my album out! I'm pretty sure the fans can understand that. Treacherous Records is not a bad record label to me. It's other people that was there before me, and they're just keeping it true, but that's not my concern, and I know that my fans want me to give them what I can give them.

With Equity Records right now, I have the freedom to do what I need to do. I got like I said the MathMadix, Big Tyme's album, that's done we're just mastering it, we're working on it in the DFW area, and it's going to be ok! But that doesn't mean that I'm trying to be a dumbass or play both sides of the fence, it's just that I'm not gonna continue to sit here and do nothing with this situation, when I could very well be a legend and have a star in Hollywood. What is the point of being here if somebody wants to keep me on the shelf? Am I a shelf artist, do I belong on the shelf?

Dubcnn: I don't think so.

So don't you think that I'm better of to dust my shoulders off and go and stop being on the self?

Dubcnn: I think that you gotta do whatever you gotta do to get a record out.

Well, I think the fans would like me for it. I mean, I know that Equity Records can be a certified company. I know that Treacherous Records can do whatever they want to do, but the whole point being is, "The Book Of Knoc" is inevitable. It's gonna come out regardless. I know the people that are behind me, I got Big Tyme, I got Knawledg, I got Ripacut, I got some people behind me saying "Do what you do Knoc!" Then I got some other people that have their own agendas, and that's no disrespect to anybody!

Dubcnn: Equity Records is an independent company, are you going to look for major distribution or something like that?

Of course, we've had deals that we've actually turned down from a couple different people, I don't want to name names, only because we weren't ready. But I feel like we're ready now, and 2008 is going to be a great year.

Dubcnn: What can the fans expect from "Book Of Knoc"? How would you say your music has changed since we last heard from you?

I would say I gave everybody my heart, my soul and my talent the last time, I made better songs for a lot of your West Coast artists that I didn't even make for myself, and now this time I got back to recreating myself, like when I did "Night & Day" *sings* That was some genuine Knoc-Turn'Al stuff. I got back to the art of who I really am. I'm a street narrator.

Dubcnn: Which features can we expect on the album?

Of course we got Big Tyme from Equity Records, we got the MathMadix on there. Of course I've done a couple of things with Dr. Dre. I got a song called "Pentagon" that I'm working on getting Dr. Dre on, and like I said, shouts go out to Nate Dogg cause I was trying to get him on this one song, and he had a mishaps, but I got a lot of love for him so I'll wait for him to do what he gotta do, and he's still going to be on the album.

It's just a situation where it's a good, fun vibe with this album, that's why I called it "The Book Of Knoc". This is not just another West Coast album, this is a fun vibe, it's the recreation of Knoc-Tur'Al, and I know the people appreciate it, because you hear a lot of your favorite rappers that rap stuff that I wrote for them! So I know that I can make the music that you want, just give me a chance, it will be ok.

Dubcnn: So you said you got Dr. Dre on there, are these records that you did with him recently or leftover records?

It's recent music. Like I told you, I had to recreate myself.

Dubcnn: So what's the relationship between you and Dr. Dre right now?

Everything is the same between me and Dr. Dre, the only thing is, he takes very seriously the fact that he's trying to do a "Detox" album, he doesn't want alcohol, drinking and smoking around him, he wants to do music and business. So that was a issue with me and him for a little bit, but I respect him and love him enough to not bring it around him, you know?

Dubcnn: So you got him on the album on the beats or rapping?

On the beats.

Dubcnn: What other producers you got on there?

DJ Quik, I got Komplex, I got J-Beam, a guy called Dez and I got some of my own production.

Dubcnn: Sounds like a hot lineup, that song you had with Quik was hot..

"Love Slave" yeah! *sings melody* Quik always does his job, you can never ask for more, you go in there with Quik, and it's understood that you're in for a treat.

Dubcnn: I also think that Battlecat gave you some of the best production you've had, have you hooked back up with 'Cat?

I've seen 'Cat when Snoop did a show in Anaheim at the House Of Blues, and he was talking to me about some of the songs I've done with him and whether I was going to use them, and he said he had no problem with giving me the releases, so that's also in the making. But those are older songs, I don't know if I want to give the public that, I think I'd rather put them on a mixtape or something, no disrespect to Battlecat. I just want to great one vibe for the album.

Dubcnn: Definitely, I don't think it would be right to put songs from 3-4 years ago on the new album.

That would be wrong to the public. It's no disrespect to anyone! I'm answering your questions as honestly as I can, I don't want to sugar-coat nothing or making anything seem like something it's not. I know that the camp that I got going on right now, they don't feel like the Knoc-Turn'Al music is going to fail. I believe that at the end of the day I will have a star in Hollywood, so I'ma keep pushing!

Dubcnn: You had a good relationship with Warren G, do you still keep in touch with him?

Yeah, Warren is a good dude. He's like Dr. Dre, when people say "Hey how much did he charge you?" Warren G ain't never charged me for a beat, neither has Dr. Dre, neither have a couple of other people. All I do is go in, do what I do, and they don't have to do this for me, but as long as I go in there and do what I need to do, then they don't care about charging me for a beat, they'll give me a beat. It's out of love. People don't understand that, they go in there and try to be all cocky and shit, and they end up being out of a couple million dollars and they ain't even put no music out! This is not what the game is about.

Dubcnn: What about Damizza, do you still keep in touch with him?

I haven't talked to him for a while, but it's no harm done, no harm felt. If he calls me after we get off the phone, I wouldn't be mad! Like I said, we was friends before we were anything else, we hung out. This is how you do business with people, you gotta be their friend first.

Dubcnn: That sounds like a good album man, when do you think we can expect it to drop?

I don't have a specific date yet, it's still some things in the works, but I'm trying to get it out by the summer, so that people have something to ride to.

Dubcnn: How would you say the game has evolved and changed in the last few years?

Well, in four years I haven't had an album, so the kids who were in 9th grade have graduated now, it's a whole different ball game for me to try to recreate myself. It's a different rhythm that they bounce to, it's not the same thing than when I was coming up in the game. So what I did have to do is try to get on a different beat, different tone, but i didn't go corny with it. I didn't change my style to where it sounds like I'm trying to be like the youngsters, I just wanted to be myself and still give them something that they wouldn't mind listening to.

Dubcnn: Are you surprised that "Detox" still hasn't been released?

I could say yeah, but I'm surprised that I didn't put another album out either, so I can't be mad at either or. It takes a long time for perfection. The art of this game is, you keep the fans that you have and you learn how to build more. So you don't want to disappoint your fans over trying something new, what you wanna do is elevate yourself. Unless you can do that, you definitely don't want to embarrass yourself.

You got all these artists coming out with songs back to back to back, and how many times, after a year or two, you get tired of them and don't even want to hear them no more! You talking to me right noe and I ain't even released no music in four years! Only because the time that I had music out, it was good music! Okay, well here I come again, with good music! At least I took my time, right? Didn't give you no bullshit! Here I come again, don't worry about it, I got you! *laughs*

Dubcnn: What's your personal favorite track that you've been on in your career and why?

I would say Missy Elliott & Dr. Dre, the song called "The Knoc".

Dubcnn: Yeah I remember the video where you were playing all the different characters.

It challenged me some much. That was fun. I got a slight case of ADHD so me having to do all that stuff within a two day window frame was kind of fun, and I had to play all those different people, the waiter, the busboy, everybody in the bar, that was fun!

Dubcnn: Before we get out of here, is there anything else you'd like to let everybody know?

Just that I appreciate their patience, and I'll be back with "The Book Of Knoc", and it will be alright! Continue being Knoc-Turn'Al fans and understand that I won't give you no bullshit.
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Gepost door ConFlict op zondag 10-02-2008 om 15:54:09
Dubcnn: So what's the relationship between you and Dr. Dre right now?

Everything is the same between me and Dr. Dre, the only thing is, he takes very seriously the fact that he's trying to do a "Detox" album, he doesn't want alcohol, drinking and smoking around him, he wants to do music and business. So that was a issue with me and him for a little bit, but I respect him and love him enough to not bring it around him, you know?

Dubcnn: So you got him on the album on the beats or rapping?

On the beats.

* dat klinkt dope in de oren
MasterMichael Gepost door MasterMichael op woensdag 13-02-2008 om 20:37:10
the way i am is een goed album van knoc
Gepost door broederschap op woensdag 13-02-2008 om 20:59:12
iemand wel van southside gehoord waar ms-13 in zit
MasterMichael Gepost door MasterMichael op woensdag 13-02-2008 om 21:00:48
en waar vandaan?
Gepost door broederschap op woensdag 13-02-2008 om 21:17:56
ow ze hebben een hele geschiedenis het begon een paar gasten die van heavy metal muziek houden enzo en hun simbool is die W teken van de duivel ofzo maar dan omgekeerd zodat het een M is maar later werd het een gangster groep die over heel de wereld verspreidde dooddde allemaal mensen om paaar pakjes drugs zo werden ze heel veel gerespecteerd(moet je niet vragen aan mij waarom) en als je erin wil moest je 13 seconden geslagen geschopt worden alles en dan ben je lid eerste missie iemand koud maken enzo ik heb wel reportaes erover link ze wel effe: en je hebt allemaal vervolgingen ps alles is engels zonder ondertiteling
Gepost door Weazel op donderdag 14-02-2008 om 21:34:23
Even weer een intervieuw van Dubcnn.
Nu met Big Hutch van Above the Law...

Dubcnn: We're right here with Big Hutch from Above The Law, how you doing man?

It's all good man, just trying to stay afloat, trying to stay on solid ground, what's going on?

Dubcnn: You've been away for a minute, the last time we spoke was in 2004. Do you want to take a minute to speak on what happened?

Yeah, I was indicted by the federal government for drug trafficking, and I decided to go on, sit down and pay my debt to society, as most would say. So I mean that's it in a short form and the grand scheme of things. Sometimes you make a wrong turn, and it doesn't turn out in your favor.

Dubcnn: So you know, everybody wants to know what's the status of Above The Law right now?

Right now we're recording a new record, writing a bunch of songs, producing, trying to get that flavor back again. We've probably been recording for about 3 months now, and we've also been doing shows, we were on the road with Snoop Dogg, we were on the road with WC, Xzibit. We've been trying to get our rhythm back, get back exposed. We also have the "Greatest Hits" album coming out in May that we're preparing for, it's set up around the 20 year anniversary of Ruthless Records, it's coming out on Ruthless Records. We're also doing a "Greatest Videos" along with that, it's a box set. Basically we're just coming up with the right flavor, the right chemistry, we haven't been together for a couple of years due to the federal government. *laughs* Due to my vacation away we haven't been together, so we're just getting that swag back man.

Dubcnn: How would you say that your time in prison changed the way that you carry yourself now or make music?

Personally, the way I make music didn't change. I think it made me appreciate what I was doing. I was away in a few facilities where we didn't really have music programs, and what we did have, we wouldn't even consider it being music programs, so I was kind of in a whole other element, I was outside of my own element as far as making music. So it made me appreciate it more, and coming home now I'm like a kid in the candy store again, I'm 19 again! So it's a beautiful thing, that part of it alone gave me that fire again.

Now my focus is kind of like when I was first making records. I think that's the most I got out of it, I got more into myself, my spirituality, I'm more grounded, focused with God, my God sense is really strong now, I feel more focused on the long term aspect of things rather than the short term aspects, as far as the industry is concerned, as far as being an executive/artist/producer. My outlook on it is different because my spirituality is stronger, I can sense things that normally I would have looked over. Now little small tedious things don't bother me, but things that are really loud and apparent, they bother me and have to immediately be asserted and fixed.

Before, I might have just passed through it. When you're removed from your situation, and they throw you into another life, what happens to you is that you start differentiating and dissecting that particular situation, and thinking "What was the good things, what was the bad things?" Then you weigh all those things out. When I got back into my career, that's the things that I noticed was different about me when I came home.

Dubcnn: So now that you're back, what can we expect from you?

You're definitely going to get the raw raw raw, cause right now that's what the game needs. Right now everything is so commercialized, Hip-Hop is in a situation where everything is really really loud, nothing is intimate and focused like on a personal level. There has to be a balance, which is what I'm trying to bring it. To where it can be entertaining, enlightening, heartfelt, you can gain something from it as well! That's where my focus is at musically. When you get the new Above The Law record and you get all these underground projects that I'm involved with, that's what you're gonna get: the raw essence of what our Hip-Hop used to be, with a new flip to it.

Right now I'm working on a project called Cold 187um "Fresh Out The Pen", which will be dropping in the middle of March. I'm featuring a lot of up and coming artists that are in the underground on the West Coast, and I'm featuring a section on my album where I host nothing but new artists on it. It's gonna be an endless amount of volumes that are gonna come out from this "Fresh Out The Pen" project, the first volume is going to be my album, featuring these new cats coming out on the West Coast, or anywhere else. I'm trying to establish a pipeline for a new underground presence out here. Right now, if you got a record deal then you on, if not then it's nothing, you're at your house, beating on a drum and writing in the corner! Or you're on MySpace... But it's no industry.

Me, I came up through Eazy! With Eazy, when he created Ruthless, it enabled us to take our record to him and say "We think we're dope, what do you think?" And he thought it was dope, and put us out! You don't have that on the West Coast anymore, you don't have a pipeline where people can say "Who's dope? Who's wack? Who's alright?" Everything is "Oh such and such signed to Bad Boy, or Cash Money, or whatever." Then you start knowing about them, versus them already having a presence, emerging up out of the West, so that when people come out here and ask "Who's the Top 10 rappers coming out that's hot on the streets?" You don't have that anymore! So I'm creating that essence through the Cold 187um "Fresh Out The Pen" mix CD's.

Dubcnn: Is G-Funk still a factor in 2008?

I think so! I mean, the reason why is, it's just gangsta shit and funk! So of course. As long as you're doing it and you're vibing like that, I think so, because music is timeless! Like for instance, people ask "Is this relevant, is that relevant?" If the guys that created it and innovated it are still doing it, then of course! That's like saying "Is Rolls Royce relevant?" It just has to have that twist on it. I don't only do G-Funk, I do a lot of other funky shit! But, the whole thing about it is that, people wanna know where I'm at with it at this stage of my career, and they might want to hear that. So for me to predict what you might like is wrong, because still like what you liked before, as a consumer. You got to always feed them the flavors and then sprinkle new flavors also.

Dubcnn: Would you consider switching up your style to appeal to what's hot right now?

I want everybody to understand one thing. When I first started off making records, I didn't really make records to appeal to what people were doing at the time. I came up in an industry where there was no industry, so me I don't really know how to do that. All I know is, my music comes from God and I translate it to you guys, I don't know how to jump on a fad and say "Now I'm gonna be popular because I'm on a fad!" I don't know how to do that when I go to the studio, all I know is what my heart tells me to do. What God translates for me to write, that's really all I know. The spirit moves me, I don't listen to the radio all day and say "I'm gonna make a song like that but I'm gonna put my twist on it." I don't know how to do that. I couldn't even tell you what I would make by doing it.

Now, can I make a record that's a club record that reflects Above The Law? Yeah! Can I make a record that can be catchy like Ay Bay Bay but it's done by Above The Law? Yeah! But I can't make a record LIKE that. You feel me? I have to make a record that appeals to you, that's the theory of what I've already done. If it's a G-Funk stylish record, all I have to do is make it catchy and trendy like a Ay Bay Bay, but it has to have the essence of G-Funk. I can't mimic anybody because I'm self-made, my group is self-made, we came with our own style. If you listen to "Livin' Like Hustlers" and you listen to "Straight Outta Compton", it doesn't sound the same, you feel me? We don't know how to do that. N.W.A. were our G's, so if we weren't imitating them, why would we imitate somebody now? Because today's music is yesterday's music, you got cats doing throwback tracks all day long, and saying "Hey that's the new style!" "No, it was the style in '88!" I'm just keeping it real. So would me being myself be keeping up? Probably. So let's just keep it 100 homie!

Dubcnn: What equipment do you use right now and how has it changed over the years?

Right now I use the ??, the ??, I still use the 3000, the ??, ??, and we use Pro Tools of course for everything now. I don't think the gear changes that much, it's more your theory that changes. The only thing that's changed is the way I record. We don't record on A-Dat anymore but as far as the regular gear that we use, same board, cause all of them have the same thing. I still use vintage stuff, I use moogs and stuff like that through soundfiles and different stuff like that, but I primarily like to touch the boards, I don't know to do this computer shit that people do. I like to have my hands on the boards, you know? I don't get into gear, cause I don't think gear makes the music, I think you make the music.

As far as writing, I write everything from a piano now, melodies come, they come off a piano, and then I translate them. Like let's say for instance I want to go to this sound module, I use the ??, the same kind of gear that Timbaland used on Justin Timberlake, so as far as gear I've touched the 8000, I've probably touched every new piece of equipment in the past 7 months, but honestly it does the same thing, it just translates it differently. Vibewise, it's the same, it doesn't change, it's still dark, it's still funky, it's still raw. And writing is writing, so...

Dubcnn: How deeply would you say you were influences by the musical background of your family?

Oh, deeply! Everything, how I bring harmonies, melody, dark rhythms, all that is from my uncle and my dad. All that is from them. Most of the strings, horns you hear, is because of them, it's because of the way I grew up. I'm deeply influenced by that. Now that they've passed and everything, it's really heavy for me because I don't really have that "check this out! what you think about this?" I don't have the taste testers! *laughs* I don't have that stamp of approval situation. I don't have that voice anymore, I know they're up in heaven looking down, but I don't have that. It's funny, because it's because more a part of my life now, than it was when they were here, because they were doing their thing too. My dad was doing gospel and my uncle was still touring and stuff. I had my thing going on too, so we'd always come together and meet up, but now I don't have that anymore. With them passing, the flavor is still with me, always, everyday.

Dubcnn: Looking back at your career, which moves do you wish you would have done differently?

Man, that's big... That's a good question! I wouldn't have involved myself in a situation with somebody who ended up having me sent to prison. *laughs* Nah, but I mean, I don't have any regrets. I was fortunate to be signed to Eazy-E and Dr. Dre when I was a very young cat in the game. The turning point of my career was probably when I went to Death Row. I don't regret doing that, because I ended up learning so much about the game, being an executive at Death Row, but in it, I wish I could have been more a front runner for Death Row more than I was. I thought it was a great label, it was a great situation for me, we had some great talent over there, and leaving Death Row was one of the harder decisions I had to make. So it was a situation where we just weren't getting ahead.

And I'll tell you, the only thing I would have done differently, is that I would've done the independent thing sooner, that's it. The only regret that I have is that I put my label on pause and went to help run Death Row. Because when I started West World, I had a good focus on the game, we had just left Tommy Boy, and if I would have just focused on my label, I think we would have been a stronger force in the game.

Dubcnn: Are you still in contact with Suge Knight?

I haven't talked to him lately, but I talked to him when I first got home.


Dubcnn: What's the relationship there?

It's cool! It is what it is. Everybody out here in L.A. is doing their own thing but it ain't no love lost, no beef or nothing. Everybody's trying to do their thang.

Dubcnn: Do people still ask you the question who really invented G-Funk?

*laughs* Yeah, they do! It's funny, cause people know who invented G-Funk! The people who ask me, they're telling me "You invented it!" *laughs* They know the history. But yeah, the thing about it is that I don't even live off that. It's just that I've done something, I've influenced somebody, and I wanted my credit for that influence. I innovated a certain sound in this industry and people don't give me credit for it. People just look over me, people don't even put me in nothing, even if that person don't put me in nothing, knowingly that enough people know the true story, for you guys to print that. It's bad in that sense, not to say that "The person who took it is wack for taking it" No. Music is influence, when we click together we all influence each other. That's a compliment.

If I do something good and you utilize it and you come up, that's a compliment. What's messed up, is when you don't give that person the credit, when you don't pay homage to that person. It's like learning a skill from somebody and saying you made it up, and not giving your teacher the proper credit. That's my problem with it. It's not even about this person doing something with it and winning from it, it's only about "give me my credit, give me my just due." I worked hard coming up with a theory and an idea to be different than everybody else, you know what I mean?

Dubcnn: Do you have a relationship with Dr. Dre?

No, I'm not in contact with Dr. Dre at all. Not that it's a issue or whatever, but I could give a shit, because nobody give a shit about me. I'ma keep it real with you. I don't have any contact, any situation, nor do I desire to even be in contact with somebody like that, who don't have no love for me, basically. You know what I mean? It's sad, because I'm the type of guy who would give you my last, I help you, you ask me things, I help you. Do you think anybody gave a fuck about me when I got out of prison? No! For real, I'm just gonna keep it real.

This is my first interview, it's gonna be the realest. But no, I don't have a relationship with him, we don't talk, we don't compare notes, none of that. And this is a person that was once close to me and basically taught me everything I know as far as making records. My dad and my uncle taught me how to write music, but he taught me how to make records, how to put it on tape, how to EQ, mix and everything. That was my teacher man. It's funny, cause we don't have a personal relationship, we don't have a working relationship, we don't have anything.

Dubcnn: What about Kokane, can we expect to hear you with Kokane?

Oh yeah, definitely, he's working with us on our new album. He's actually working on his own album right now too.

Dubcnn: He just got out of jail too, right?

Uh huh. Yeah he caught a few months, but he's alright, he's on solid ground and he's doing good. We took a break for about three weeks, and then we're going back in, back on the new album.

Dubcnn: So let's get back to the present, what you like the future of Above The Law to be like?

Oh man, we are working on taking Above The Law to the next level. Basically, we're getting into a lot of the mass media stuff, as far as bringing Above The Law raw straight to your living room, we got the merchandizing company that we're working with, we're writing a book, man! Just next level, we're trying to take it to the next level. We've been underground so long, and it's funny because a lot of the things we were doing on the underground, it's commercial now. The thugging and the hustling, getting money on records, moving big weight on records, doing all this talk about the struggle and all that, that's all commercialized now, so we're just keep on doing what we're doing. The new record is definitely going to be controversial, so be ready for that.

Dubcnn: The other day you were telling me something about how the West Coast shouldn't trying to imitate what's hot, or something like that?

Yeah, you gotta realize. West Coast, we created our own industry, basically. Like for instance, the early records that came out from the West Coast, were straight hood records, that blew up to be household or to be in the mainstream in other words. What we're saying is, we never had to do that. A lot of these people who are doing records, they look at it like pop music. Not that that's a bad thing, don't get me wrong, I don't want nobody to misunderstand what I'm sayin' cause I'm very assertable with my conversation here. When you look at pop music, everyone makes dance records, that's how pop music is.

When you look at Hip-Hop, it's about individuality, it's about your theory. If you were a kid from the Bronx, you could know what kids in Compton are doing. If you were a cat from Jersey you could know what these cats are doing in Pomona. That's what it allowed us to do. If I start rapping like I'm from Baton Rouge, but I'm from Pomona, how special is it anymore? You dig? That's where the flaw is. I hear a lot of people saying shit like "Oh this is wack, I'm tired of this bullshit." It's not that, it's just that it's lost its sensationalism. It's because people aren't doing things that reflect them right on their block.

That's what always intrigued people about Hip-Hop, that's what always lured people to Hip-Hop, more so than anything. I'm not just talking about West Coast Hip-Hop I'm talking about any kind of Hip-Hop. If you listen to a Too Short record, it takes you to the Bay, you feel me? If you heard a KRS One record or any East Coast record, they would put you in their borough, they would put you in their project! You feel me? That's what we're missing now! Now it's like "Okay, I'ma leave my projects and I ain't gonna talk about my projects, Ima act like I'm from Uptown Project and Magnolia Projects now, so I'ma make the song like this. We're losing that, and we'll lose Hip-Hop if we don't wake up, if we keep doing that.

People think it's cool but you gotta realize you got a lot of these number crunchers that's running the industry now. They're not music people. Understand me very very clearly! We need to get these people out of these positions, that don't know music! This is the music business, we're not selling Tide Soap! It's gonna kill our industry! Because they're gonna influence everybody to do the same thing that the next person is doing to be successful. So if anybody out there can understand me, I'm not a hater. I love what everybody is doing, I don't care because it's their expression. I'm not knocking no guys from the South, I'm not knocking East Coast cats. They do what they do. But don't expect me to imitate you guys, cause you guys are doing what you doing. Just respect what I do!

The thing about the West Coast in general is, we're here with open arms! We accept what cats are doing in the South, we accept what cats are doing on the East Coast. Why when I come to ya'll market, ya'll shunning me? We're open arms, the West Coast is open arms. Why I gotta act like you when I get down there in order for you to play me? You don't have to make a West Coast mix to get played on L.A. radio! Why I gotta make a South mix to get played in the South? Why? Somebody come and answer me that question! It's like eating food! If you Spanish, when I go over to your house I don't wanna eat fried chicken, I eat that at home! If I come to your house I wanna eat Mexican food! You feel me? Because no one ever looks at it like that, you know why? Because everybody is in the cipher. They're not stepping out of the cipher and looking in like "Why does everybody that's rapping look the same in there? What's going on? Why aren't there different flavors?" You feel me?

Dubcnn: Who are you feeling though, righ now?

Let me see... You know who I really like, who doesn't really get a lot of shine? Rick Ross. I like Rick Ross, because he seems to be true to where he's from. I don't see trends in him. I see him really giving me his environment down there in Miami, you feel me? I like a lot of these other cats, I like Jeezy, T.I., but to me, a lot of records that they're doing are what I was talking about, they're cater records. They're raw, but to me I like stuff where you can feel where they're from in their records. Right now I bump a lot of Pimp C and all that kind of stuff, any of the UGK stuff. Of course Scarface's new record. Of course, I'ma bump all the G's, but new cats I would say Rick Ross, because he's giving me that. On the East Coast, I liked Jay-Z's last record, new cats I don't really know. I like Nas' last record.

As far as the West Coast is concerned, I like Glasses Malone, he has a good record out. That's primarily it. There's not a lot of new stuff. I like the records Lil Wayne has made, but I'm not so for gone that I can't let him breathe, it's not like "Oh my goodness". To me, it's like I'ma give you a fair one, I ain't gonna hate on you or anything, I'll be like "do your work man, stay focused man, but don't get caught up into that. Because your next record could be your worst record." I like his records because they become more than "on the block" records, they become relevant to a lot of different things.

Dubcnn: It is a lot of new West Coast cats, you just gotta look a little deeper.

Oh no don't get me wrong! A lot of these new West Coast cats is gonna be on my tape, I was just saying cats that's out! It's a lot of cats.

Dubcnn: Who are you looking out for?

Someone who's got a hot record that he's working on right now is Jayo Felony, he got a hot record. I've worked on the record, I've heard about 80% of it, it's hot as a muthafucka. I think the kid Bishop Lamont is good, he's good. Of course, Crooked I, definitely.

Dubcnn: You been hearing those Hip-Hop Weekly's?

Yeah! Yeah, he's... Come on man, he should be that guy, right now. But, you know how it go! *laughs* You know how it goes out here on this end. Give me a break. Slim The Mobster, that kid that's on Aftermath. Don't get me wrong, this is just studio stuff that I'm hearing, I'm hearing some real deal shit going down. So don't get me wrong, I thought you asked me like "what's on the cuff right now", you know? But yeah it's a lot of artists on the come up, my goodness! I just hope they give us a break man. I'ma say it, and they can look it up: DJ's out here are not giving us a break man. DJ's in L.A. are not giving us a break. I don't know if ya'll from somewhere else and just don't give a fuck, but you need to give us a break man, or get broke off! For real, cause it's gonna be some problems man in the future. These guys are good, you need to give them a break! Besides my record coming out, you need to give THEM a break man! You know what I'm saying? WC had a great record, give him a break! Give him a break.

Dubcnn: That's real.

Go 'head, breathe on it man, whatever you wanna know, talk to me, ask me something good man! *laughs*

Dubcnn: Shit I mean the conversation when talking about west Cosat rap is always so negative, you know?

Well, the thing about it is that I'm one of those guys that understand that we don't have to do nothing else but us. You hear all these guys saying "We need to do this, we need to do that". But guess what, they ain't even doing it! You feel me? That's what the problem is. I'm not gonna sit up here and complain, I'm gonna sit up here and make a change. I'm not gonna complain, cause complaining ain't no solution to me. With any problem homie that you're having in life, there's a solution to it. You just gotta think hard, figure out what the whole get down is, and then go pursue it. I believe in movement, if I don't get up and do something to make a difference, then it's my fault that the West Coast is fucked. Cause I'm a G. And I'ma breathe on it if it's the truth, that's how we do in P-Town.

You got people like Dr. Dre, who invest in different people from other markets, not taking anything away from these people, they're very talented, but he won't invest into the West Coast! You leave it to where Above The Law gotta get a independent deal, DJ Quik gotta get a independent deal, WC gotta get a independent deal, when we could be in a major setting, and working up under your umbrella! And we're all self contained, to where we could pave the way for new artists, it wouldn't even be on him! You feel me? But if we can't get up in the grand scheme of things, where do we end up at? We still end up doing what we did in 1989, my man! Still scraping to get in the industry again! You know?

Cause if Dr. Dre, the "King of it all, the big boss", ain't saying that it's all to the good, it really ain't to the good nowhere else! Unless we create that following on the ground level. Where that comes from, is us giving the streets, shaking hands, kissing babies, passing out our CD's, giving it to people, and saying "This is what we're trying to attempt to do. Create a market out here." Without it we won't have anything. So if anybody wanna put a negative spin on something, tell the truth first! Because that's what's going to help you get the solution. Don't get into "You need to do this, because that's played out", because they're doing the same thing we were doing years ago! So if what we were doing years ago is played out, then okay, how are we to display what we're trying to do now, if no one wants to support it? How are you even gonna see if we're doing anything, if no one wants to support it?

If it's in the hands of Dr. Dre, and you know that Dr. Dre isn't gonna support it, well then get past that! You feel me? Don't get caught up in the "Aw he won't help us so we'll give up!" Get past it! It's cool! I said it, it's cool, he ain't helping us! I ain't mad at him! I hope Detox sells 20 million records! But if he ain't helping me, why do I gotta sit up and campaign what he does? Why can't I come out and campaign what I do? You feel me? I should start washing cars at a car wash cause he won't help me put a record out? Man I was born in the music! I was writing songs before I even knew Dr. Dre! I probably was making music before he thought he could do music! So I'm supposed to give up? No! He's a man! So where does my faith lie, in him? No, my faith lies in God, so I roll with that. I advise everybody out here to do that, believe in that, and you'll be successful. Other than that, you're gonna worry yourself and you ain't gonna have nothing.

That's the only negative thing I could say on the West Coast. All of these guys who are in big positions have rolled in the sunset. I said it, Cold187um Big Hutch from Above The law said it, ya'll muthafuckas done rolled in the sunset on everybody. Fuck it! It ain't finna make no difference homie. Me saying, and you thinking it, ain't finna make no difference. So ya'll go out and support West Coast Hip-Hop, because Dre ain't finna help West Coast Hip-Hop get on point, you guys are! The people reading this article is the people who are going to get West Coast Hip-Hop back on point. Not Dr. Dre. Cause he's not going to help West Coast Hip-Hop. You guys built it, and you don't even have a voice anymore! Ya'll gotta imitate like ya'll from somewhere else now, ya'll don't even have your own essence anymore! The people don't even have a voice on the West Coast anymore, because they're forced to act like they're from somewhere else now! So if ya'll waiting for us to get signed by Dr. Dre or Puffy to jump out and start Bad Boy West, it ain't gonna happen! Just support these guys out here getting grimy in the streets, and support their stuff, and the West Coast will come back around! Other than that, it will never happen. Cause those people are not going to do it.

Dubcnn: That's some real talk.

Yeah homie, it's real. It's real to me.

Dubcnn: I can't wait to hear that Above The Law record, you sound like you got some shit to say!

I got a whole lot to say. When I hit you with the "Fresh Out The Pen" stuff, then you're gonna really hear some crazy crazy.

Dubcnn: Who can we expect to hear on there?

On "Fresh Out The Pen" you got Crooked I, I'm working out something with Bishop Lamont, I got a couple of new cats coming up out of San Diego, this kid called Syko, he's dope, I got a group coming out of San Diego, Frank Nitty will be on there. I got an artist coming out on my label his name is Hazmatic. It's a lot of cats on there. It's also another group coming out called the Cali Boyz. You know them?

Dubcnn: Yeah they're affiliated with South Central Cartel, I've been in the studio with them.

Yeah they're nice, they got a song on my mix CD coming out. To me they're one of the hottest groups coming out. Like I said check for my artist Hazmatic. But I'm still getting music for it, I'm in the middle of it as we speak, so for me to talk about it is kind of hard. Oh yeah 40 Glocc is on there, Chill from CMW. I got a few cats from the Mid-West that's down with Tech N9ne. Rich The Factor, a few cats from the Mid-West that's die hard real deal West Coast go getters. I'm bridging the gap with that too, cause the Mid-West has always been real supportive of West Coast music, St. Louis, Detroit, KC, Cincinnati, Cleveland and all that. They have a big following for the West Coast. You'll feel it, I'll get a copy to you. I'm in the process of getting all the music submitted to me right now.

Dubcnn: Man, I think we covered pretty much everything, is there anything else you'd like to let everybody know?

We talked about everything, it's all good. I'm home! It's a problem man! *laughs* I'm home, for real! Let it be known, I'm a problem right now man. I'm a wreck but I ain't nervous about it, you feel me! *laughs* I'm the real deal right now. Just look out. I also got a movie coming out this summer, an independent movie called "Mind, Body & Soul". I got a fashion apparel company coming out also. Above The Law is also closing a deal right now to do a tour in Germany in May, so we'll be over there heavy, between May and June. I think I covered everything now! *laughs*


Ik weet het, beetje lang,
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Breaking Atoms
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hate when wack rappers say they hate wack rappers
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Breaking Atoms
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hate when wack rappers say they hate wack rappers
23 for life!
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90% van de mensen die naar westcoast luisteren kennen zelfs de beste westcoast rappers niet (nouw,wat ik heb ondervonden dan)

ikzelf luister het liefste naar bay area rap maar hier enkele minder bekenden voor velen :

san fransico :
-187 fac
-Askari X
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-Get Low Playaz
-Rbl Posse
-Dre Dog aka andre nickatina

-dru down
-mac dre
-seagram (rip)

-south central cartel
-cj mac
-mc eight
-the dove shack

en dan moeten towns zoals sactown,vallejo,richmond,hayward,east palo alto,riverside enzo nog komen maar deze wist k uit het hoofd want ik zou hier wel een lijst van 1000 bekende en minder bekende westcoast kunne plaatsen...
voor mij is dit westcoast en niet snoop dogg en the game ofzo (alhoewel zijn 1st een echte classix is!) maar iedereen zijn keuze want ook de mainstream rappers kunnen goede nummers hebbe vind k!

Gepost door Weazel op vrijdag 15-02-2008 om 11:17:22
@ JJ23

The Bay Area heeft zekers dope underground artiesten.
En SF heeft ook genoeg talent, bv die hele klieka rondom JT the Bigga Figga.

Ik zou dan ook zeggen promoot die shit hier ff als je wilt.
Door middel van een paar tracks of een paar linkjes te droppen.
23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op zaterdag 16-02-2008 om 01:50:09

zijn inderdaad weinig mensen die de goede westcoast kennen (al vind k JT niet zo goed) maar er zijn erzoveel ook hé....

ivm songs enzo (check dit blog al es...kom je al een end)

Wesside Gepost door Wesside op zaterdag 16-02-2008 om 22:16:51
JJ23 schreef op 15-02-2008 @ 03:35
90% van de mensen die naar westcoast luisteren kennen zelfs de beste westcoast rappers niet (nouw,wat ik heb ondervonden dan)

ikzelf luister het liefste naar bay area rap maar hier enkele minder bekenden voor velen :

san fransico :
-187 fac
-Askari X
-T Lowe
-Get Low Playaz
-Rbl Posse
-Dre Dog aka andre nickatina

-dru down
-mac dre
-seagram (rip)

-south central cartel
-cj mac
-mc eight
-the dove shack

en dan moeten towns zoals sactown,vallejo,richmond,hayward,east palo alto,riverside enzo nog komen maar deze wist k uit het hoofd want ik zou hier wel een lijst van 1000 bekende en minder bekende westcoast kunne plaatsen...
voor mij is dit westcoast en niet snoop dogg en the game ofzo (alhoewel zijn 1st een echte classix is!) maar iedereen zijn keuze want ook de mainstream rappers kunnen goede nummers hebbe vind k!

shit man props voor je gedachtens maar ik ben het er totaal niet mee eens.

De enige van jou lijstje die dope zijn

South Central Cartel
Andre Nickatina
Mac Dre
MC Eiht (kom op man, als je die naam niet eens goed kan spellen. Er was laatst een cover geleakt met MC "8"t, dat was helemaal van laag niveau)

Honorable mentions;


De plaats boeit me trouwes echt weinig waar ze vandaan komen er is wat mij betreft alleen onderscheid te maken tussen Bay Area en puur westcoast. (en dan vind ik hyphy nog afzonderlijker)

Je houd dus van de Bay Area stijl?
Ya Boy?
Clyde Carson?
Of ken je die niet soms

Ik heb die links is gecheckt van je, maar al gauw weer weggeclickt. Rare shit.

Dit jaar kan een heel goed jaar worden voor de westcoast.. (album/mixtape/movement wise)
-Omar Cruz
-Bishop Lamont
-Crooked I ()
-Dr. Dre ()
-Clyde Carson
-Ya Boy
-Clyde Carson
-40 Glocc
-G. Malone
-The Game
-Snoop Dogg
-Tha Dogg Pound
-Young De
-Young Dre
-Young Joker
-Stat Quo ()

-Meech Wells
-DJ Khalil
-Focus (Aftermath's)
-Focus (Blue Divion's)
-Black Milk
--Terrace Martin

Snel lijstje samengesteld.. ik vergeet waarschijnlijk een aantal belangrijke namen.

Als je je af vraagt, waarom die, en waarom die..? Vraag het dan gerust, ik heb bij hun allemaal wel mijn argumenten.

Trouwens geen diss, maar ja ik ben het vrijwel totaal niet met je eens.

@ Weazel, heb je toevallig ook een username op Dubcnn?

(Edit omdat ik Terrace Martin niet bij producers had staan)
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Gepost door rame op zaterdag 16-02-2008 om 22:19:56
Wesside schreef op 16-02-2008 @ 22:16
Dit jaar kan een heel goed jaar worden voor de westcoast..

-Stat Quo
-Black Milk

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Wesside Gepost door Wesside op zaterdag 16-02-2008 om 22:30:55
Stat Quo; heb ik niet voor niks () achter gezet.

Die reactie had ik namelijk al verwacht.

De kans dat ze album nou eindelijk zal gaan droppen word steeds groter. (refering to interviews & video's)
Plus, hij heeft net een mixtape gedropt en hij featured de laatste tijd weer meer.

Black Milk; me enige vraag is, ken je die wel eigenlijk?

23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op zondag 17-02-2008 om 18:59:23
effe namen die k had gezet popte gewoon effe in mijn hoofd op die niet veel mensen kennen,ik had niet gezegt dat ik deze ook super vind of zou vinden...(zoals idd bevoorbeeld een AP9,die is idd niet super maar niet echt bekend voor de gewone rap luisteraar
lol...ya boy? kom op man... die rookie of the year is total shit! van die tmf rap zoals turf talk enzo vind ik dan weer niks...maar zoals ik zei,ieder zijn smaak natuurlijk! tuurlijk ken ik al die rappers zoals ya boy,ik luister al 15 jaar naar rap muziek dus kennis is geen probleem
en 11/5 en nog wel enkele in de eerste lijst niet dope? van zo een uitspraak snap ik dan weer niks... fiendin da funk is een all time classix man!
van jouw lijst waarvan het voor de wescoast een goed jaar mee zou moeten worden vind ik echt geen reet aan? meeste zijn echt van die mtv rappers...the game,snoop,dr dre? snoop heeft damme songs met justin timerlake en dat noemt zich dan tot de gangsta rap horen? dan weet ik het niet meer hoor? young dre vind k niet slecht...
net zoals die soulja boy,ze zien er niet uit met al die kleuren en es een superman doen kan best leuk zijn en een ho supersoaken ook maar dit is geen muziek voor mij (dit offtopic want soulja is ver van westcoast)

wie vind ik dan persoonlijk goed:
-two eleven
-cali life style
-celly cel (best of the bay volgens mij,ook al heeft hij niet de beste style,maar album als killa kali is perfect,nr 2 op de cd is super..what you n** thought!)
-chilee powdah
-dazzie dee
-doja click
-gang society

en tuurlijk neem k dat niet als een diss want ik ben van mening dat ieder zijn mening heeft
er zijn wel mensen die p diddy goed vinden....ik snap dat niet maar ik heb er wel respect voor!

oja,black milk ken ik wel maar ik snap de link met wescoast niet? van detroit en producer geweest van oa slum village,j dilla en 1 of andere pannekoek van g unit dacht ik en nog wel enkele maar dan zou k es moete spieken op het net

daarom hou ik liever van oldskool dan die nieuwe releases...tegewoordig is het allemaal zo goedkoop,en er zitte afentoe wel leuke beats en teksten in,toch is het niet wat ik zoek in rap muziek....maar langs de andere kant heb ik respect voor iedereen die met muziek bezig is! no matter who it is!

effe een edit:wat ik zoek in een beat is bv de beat van het nr van cj mac 'come and take a ride' feat poppa lq....pure westcoast achergrond beat...flow,flow,flowwwwww
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Gepost door Weazel op zondag 17-02-2008 om 20:53:26
Black Milk komt uit Detroit en Stat Quo uit Atlanta.
Dus dat is niet echt West Coast zeg maar

@ Wesside
Nope, dat heb ik niet...
Gepost door rame op zondag 17-02-2008 om 21:01:02
^ Precies wat ik ermee wilde zeggen.

Black Milk behoort in mijn topproducers lijstje, dus ja ik ken hem.
Wesside Gepost door Wesside op zondag 17-02-2008 om 21:54:23
Ik had Black Milk en Stat Quo er idd niet bij moeten zetten.
Maar ik bedoelde ermee dat Black Milk op een aantal albums zal produceren voor westcoast rappers, en Stat Quo gezien de Aftermath situatie wat weer grote invloed zal hebben op het droppen van Detox & The Reformation (en aan de andere kant de east coast albums).

Misschien beetje onduidelijk dus oke. Ik had ook al bij het lijstje gezet, vraag maar waarom ik wie erop heb gezet.

Wesside Gepost door Wesside op zondag 17-02-2008 om 22:12:27
Dus je vind Ya Boy niet dope?
Shit hij komt echt hard op de meeste nummers.
En Chapter 1: The Rise is echt wel solid.

Ik kijk nooit naar TMF/MTV of welke muziek zender dan ook. Ik erger me aan commerciele muziek. Top 40 valt wat mij betreft onder slechte muziek wat puur gebaseerd is op mee-zing hits. En qwa commercieele hip-hop is het al helemaal niks, zoals je al zei Soulja Boy, echt disrespectvol voor hiphop.

Waarom vind je The Game, Snoop Dogg en Dr. Dre "MTV rappers" ?

Game doet veel voor de westcoast, featured op heel veel streetalbums, zal zelf rond zomer/einde jaar met een near classic album komen (zo denk ik).
Natuurlijk moet hij wel kutsingles als Let's Ride op MTV droppen, je moet zelf toch promoten?

Snoop, oke hij heeft geloof ik een reality show maar dat pakt nog best goed uit geloof ik. Ook Snoop doet veel voor de westcoast, brengt nieuwe rappers naar boven bijvoorbeeld.

Dre, hoe kan dat een MTV rapper zijn als die al 9 jaar geen album heeft gedropt?

Maar goed, kan je een classic nr van 11/5 uploaden dan? Via zshare het lieftst. Ben best benieuwd.

Wat heeft P diddy er trouwes mee te maken ineens?

Waar onze verschillen zitten denk ik, dat jij idd meer old skool shit luisterd, wat zeker dope kan zijn maar ik ben meer van de new west. Zeker omdat ik denk dat de komende tijd een mooie periode kan worden ( hoe vaak is dit al gezegd? ja vaak, maar nu staat het stevig en gaan er veel albums droppen denk ik)

Maar op nog even op 1 ding terug te komen, sowieso kwaliteit boven kwantiteit. Ik luister vooral new west underground, waarvan een aantal rappers groots zullen doorbreken denk ik.
poppekontje Gepost door poppekontje op zondag 17-02-2008 om 22:22:03
ik vind dr dre echt heul stoer. en dat meen ik!
livio om 22:17:37 :
Joey is een baas.
Jos de Boss
Gepost door Jos de Boss op zondag 17-02-2008 om 22:30:00
wesside, kan jij anders ff een pakketje met (nieuwe) toffe westcoast tracks/rappers droppen?
Jos de Boss
Wesside Gepost door Wesside op zondag 17-02-2008 om 23:04:41

Ik zal morgen wel wat meer droppen.

Hier zijn even 3 tracks. (1 laidback, 1 banger & 1 van lyricaal hoog niveau.)

LA Zu - Brand New Day

Hood Surgeon (zoon van Dr. Dre.) - Bring It Back (Ft. Knoc-Turn'Al)

Kam - Murder Dem Murderers
23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op zondag 17-02-2008 om 23:05:28
ivm met 'mtv' rappers...ik gebruik dit als een term voor de rappers die echt veel in de media komen en daar heb ik het niet voor,wat niet wegneemt dat ze niks voor de westcoast doen...tuurlijk doen ze goed om de westcoast te promoten! maar ik heb het er niet voor...
de intro van celly cel van het album
about snoop en dre...hun debut albums blijven inderdaad zogoed als de beste albums ooit! en dat zullen ze altijd blijven maar ze kiezen nu teveel voor het geld ipv voor de muziek (wat mss wel begrijpbaar is) maar dan kies ik liever voor minder bekende rappers die minstens even goed zijn en die niemand kent

ivm songs effe raren
en ivm p diddy...daar wou k effe mee aantonen dat smaken verschillen,sommige vinden die goed?
en je kan idd oldskool niet vergelijken met nieuwe shit...vroeger was westcoast echt lay back en chill muziek,nu is het veel te hard en raw...
23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op zondag 17-02-2008 om 23:32:20
hier linkie
wat zit erin: (gewoon effe snel gekozen

-celly cel : i'm back (westcoast intro)
-celly cel : what you ni***z thought
-celly cel : hot sunny day
-11/5 : flat on yo azz
-11/5 : my ho's name is nina
-11/5 : on the inside
-dazzie dee : the re-birth

ook nog een blog linkje dat k vond in mijn favorieten
Gepost door Weazel op dinsdag 19-02-2008 om 20:16:05
Okeey dan, straks eens rustig alle gedropte links beluisteren

Ik had een paar jaar geleden Celly Cell al afgeschreven.
Maar het lijkt erop dat ie alleen maar meer doorbreekt.
Laatste tijd ook al best wat aardige tracks/feats van hem gehoord.

Celly Cel (born Marcellus McCarver) of Vallejo, California is an American rapper and hip hop producer, renowned for his Hardcore 'Gangsta Rap' lyrics. He released his first single on his independent record label Realside Records in 1992 called “Lifestyle of a Mack”. Celly Cel then debuted in 1994 with Heat 4 Yo Azz; after dropping Killa Kali a year later, he did not resurface with G-Filez until 1998. Deep Conversation followed in mid-2000. Celly has collaborated with fellow Bay Area Rappers E-40 & B-Legit on several occasions.[1] He has also collaborated with many diverse artist such as WC, Mack 10, Keak Da Sneak, Dat Nigga Daz, MC Eiht, Juvenile, UGK, Lil' Flip, Mistah F.A.B., Spice 1, Rappin' 4-Tay, Messy Marv, Kurupt, Silkk The Shocker, Young Bleed, Mr. 3-2, C-Bo, Yukmouth, JT the Bigga Figga, Baby Bash, Bad Azz, Trae, Fat Pat, Crooked I, Devin the Dude, Lil Jon, Fiend, C-Note, Twista, Too $hort just to name a few.

Wesside Gepost door Wesside op dinsdag 19-02-2008 om 23:37:08

Ik heb de nummers beluisterd.

Dit nummer sprak me wel aan:
Celly Cel - Hot Sunny Day (Ft. Levitti & Marjuna Mitchell)

Ik snap alleen niet waarom je een nummer als Celly Cel - I'm Back upload.

Celly Cel kende ik al wel, en hij heeft zeker classics gemaakt maar overall vind ik het verre van een goede mc.

Hiervan vond ik de productie vooral dope:
Dazzie Dee - Tha Re-Birth

11-5 vond ik niet niet boeiend, verder weinig over te zeggen.

De nummers die ik zelf poste zijn ook geen classics, maar die kwamen op dat moment even in me op. Misschien dat ik morgen even wat meer tijd heb.
23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op woensdag 20-02-2008 om 02:05:01
at weazel

celly cel is zoals k al zei mss niet de beste mc maar toch vind k hem bij de top van de west horen,en dat al jaren lang! ligt wat in de style van spice 1...ook zo een OG om het zo maar te zegge (niet de beste maar toch met albums die je moet gehoord hebbe)
ivm het nummer i'm back,dat gaat over die intro dat ik zei 'everybody's talking about the westcoast is dead,bay area rap is dead...these radiostations ain't fucking with us,these magazines ain't fucking with us... wou k gewoon duidelijk mee maken dat echte westcoast alles behalve commercieel is en zo moet dat ook blijven vind ik!

dazzie dee is idd goed,al is het maar omdat niemand hem kent...

en over 11/5...dat is jouw smaak natuurlijk maar ik vind hen super! songs zoals flat on yo azz zijn gewoon af!

ivm met nieuwe rap had k effe deze albums gehoord en ik vind er niet veel aan (op sommige nummers na dan)...geef mij maar songs zoals bv 'hot sunny day'....oldskool,layed back westcoast op zijn best!

-young soprano : top of the coast
-tuff da goon : me and my goonz
-seff tha gaffla : don't get mad,get money

effe topic tussendoor : wat vind je de leukste diss songs?
effe leuke die me binnenschieten:
-bg knocc & dresta : dogg pound killa (kurupt,nate dogg,daz,etc diss)
-ice cube : no vasaline (dre,easy e and dj yella diss)
-dj quik - dollars & sense (mc eiht diss,ook al ben k wel eiht fan)
-kokane and big hutch - dont bite the phunk (dr dre,snoop,kurupt diss)
en ik kan het niet laten...2pac hit em up (gewoon al is het omdat ik mobb deep total shit vind)
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Wesside Gepost door Wesside op donderdag 21-02-2008 om 12:41:36
Wat betreft dat nummer van Celly Cel, I'm back.
Ik weet ook wel wat hij zei in het engels, maar het is een intro dus daarom snap ik niet waarom je die uploade.

Maargoed, mijn favoriete diss song van dat rijtje is Dollaz & Sense van DJ Quik.

Verder zou ik er is even goed over na moeten denken, New York, New York van Kurupt & Snoop Dogg blijft een classic.
Of bedoelde je puur binnen de westcoast?

Heb je trouwens de tracks geluisterd die ik had ge-upload? Als ik feedback aan jou geef, verwacht ik dat natuurlijk ook wel terug.
23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op donderdag 21-02-2008 om 23:27:02
met die intro wou k gewoon effe aantonen dat idd velen de westcoast dood vinden en dat vind ik vooral te wijten aan de mainstream westcoast zoals bv een snoop enzo... maar dat was off topic

about the songs : (sorry voor de late feedback!!)

-la zu : brand new day...vind ik te rnb (als het dan toch rnb moet zijn luister k liever naar andere rnb)
-die van hood vind k totaal niks (totaal mijn style niet,en knoc zeker al niet)
-die van kam valt dan nog het beste mee...

maar weer gezegd....smaak is bij ieder anders hé

voor de diss songs is new ny ny zeker een classic! nee,ik wou gewoon effe off topic over diss records praten...

effe een edit: als je graag zowat rap met rnb invloeden wil (of toch zo met die leuke voices)
dan mss deze iets voor je? kprobeer zo maar wat je style te vinden hé

-numskull : things have changed
-Rydah J klyde feat fed x & johnny cash : quite wynin'
-the jacka & ampichino feat nate the nut : family first
-turf talk feat too short : rippah
-AP9 feat gonzoe : you don't love me
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Gepost door Weazel op vrijdag 22-02-2008 om 00:37:29
C-Bo dropt door de jaren heen ook al veel dope shit.
Maar echt doorbreken zit er nog steeds niet in denk ik.
Ik ken zijn muziek zelf vanaf 1996 via de cd All Eyez On Me van 2Pac.
Hij heeft wel een dope raspy flow...

Track 1: Street Life - (with The Realest)
Track 2: Hurtin' Ya' Self - (with Young Dise)
Track 3: Off the Rip - (with Tha Outlawz)
Track 4: BTK - (with Woodpile)
Track 5: Sometimes - (with The Mob Figaz)
Track 6: The Real - (with Gangsta Drayster)
Track 7: 100 MPH - (with Benny Blanco/Eyes Low)
Track 8: Ice Shock - (with Laroo)
Track 9: Whut It Do - (with Young Chaz)
Track 10: My Shine - (with Stylie Ray/B'nezha')
Track 11: Heavy - (with Marvalous)
Track 12: He So Good - (with 151/Lil' Cyco)
Track 13: When We Mob - (with Young Bleed/J-B)
Track 14: Still Dippin' - (with Spade)
Track 15: Got Dough - (with C-Thug)

Shawn Thomas, better known by his stage name C-Bo (abbr. for Cowboy) is an American rapper. He was born on September 26, 1971 and grew up in the Garden Block of Sacramento, California. He has sold over 3.5 million albums independently since 1993. He is currently signed to Ca$hville Records.
Met Killa Tay, psycho shit soms op chille beats.

Met ze homie Yukmouth van de Luniz.



Wat betreft die beef waar jullie het over hadden kom ik later nog ff op terug.
Er zijn zat goede dis tracks gemaakt, binnenkort is wat droppen.
Beetje filmpjes/linkjes of zo hiero zou dan ook wel weer chill zijn.
sreob Gepost door sreob op zaterdag 23-02-2008 om 14:40:05
c-bo is master
ik heb die 1ste west side ryders wel #die anderen niet#
en nog wat c-bo shizzle
plenty dope tracks
hiphop naar het oosten,laat maar komen
23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op zaterdag 23-02-2008 om 17:34:04
c bo is niet slecht inderdaad...
ik heb denk k al zijn albums!

-1 life to live
-final chapter
-life as a ridah
-mob figgaz
-tales from the crypt
-the mobfather
-till my casket drops
-westside ryderz
-desert eagle
-gas chamber
-moment of truth met killa tay
-c bo presents fat tone
-100 racks in my backpack met san quinn
-section blue (bluez brothers)
en er zijn er nog wel wat maar kan k niet direct opkomen

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Gepost door Weazel op zaterdag 23-02-2008 om 18:38:57
Enemy of the state zeker vergeten
1 van z'n dikste albums...
23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op zaterdag 23-02-2008 om 20:42:41
klopt! die moet er zeker bij
Gepost door Weazel op zondag 24-02-2008 om 22:36:13
Als je het maar weet
Gepost door Weazel op maandag 03-03-2008 om 18:23:41
Yukmouth...(van '' Da Luniz '' ).

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Yukmouth

Background information
Birth name Jerold Dwight Ellis II
Born October 18, 1974 (age 33)
Origin Oakland, California
Genre(s) Gangsta Rap, hyphy, west coast hip-hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Instrument(s) Vocals
Years active 1993–present
Label(s) Smoke-A-Lot Records
Godzilla Entertainment
Rap-A-Lot Records
Associated acts Luniz, The Regime, C-Bo, The Outlawz , Spice 1, Lil Flip, Thug Lordz

Jerold Dwight Ellis, III (born on October 18, 1974 in Oakland, California), better known by his stage name Yukmouth, is a rapper from East Oakland, California.

He is a member of the platinum-selling rap duo Luniz along with Numskull. The Luniz recorded the successful weed anthem, "I Got 5 on It" He went on to sign a solo record deal at J-Prince's Rap-A-Lot Records, releasing three albums. His double album debut on the label, entitled, Thugged Out: The Albulation went Gold.[1] Under his own label, Smoke-A-Lot Records, he has released DVDs, such as United Ghettos of America, Vols. 1 and 2.

He is also a member of the groups Thug Lordz, with C-Bo and Spice 1, and The Regime. Yukmouth has long been a staple in Oakland rap and has worked with artists including Bun B, Dru Down, E-40, Lil' Flip, Mac Dre, MC Ren, Outlawz, Redman, Scarface, Tech N9ne, Tha Dogg Pound, The Game, Too Short among countless others.

Da Luniz - Girl feat. Crooked I -

Da Luniz - Sad Millionaire -

Luniz - 900 Blame a nigga -

Da Luniz - Operation Stackola -

Da Luniz - Killaz On The Payroll feat/ the Regime-

Yukmouth - Game over -

Thug Life Feat. Yukmouth & C-Bo -

Yukmouth - welcome to the bay
(ft numskull, mac dre, messy marv)

Yukmouth - Get Bay Wit it ft. young dru and mr haji

Gepost door Weazel op donderdag 06-03-2008 om 18:13:40
Yukmouth, Munsta Gunjah, Poppa LQ - 100 Gunz 100 Clips -

Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Menace - Where We From -

Yukmouth, Young Dru - Mobb Shit -

Yukmouth - Thugged out ft The Regime -

Dit waren wat nummers de groep Regime van o.a Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Tech9ne* *

Nog wat Yuk.

Yukmouth - Lucifer -

Yukmouth My Turf -

Yukmouth - Bloody Mary -

Yukmouth - Puffin Lah -

23 for life!
Gepost door JJ23 op zaterdag 08-03-2008 om 11:36:31
iemand een linkie voor die city of dope mixtape?
sreob Gepost door sreob op vrijdag 21-03-2008 om 20:35:27
Weazel schreef op 06-03-2008 @ 18:13

Dit waren wat nummers de groep Regime van o.a Yukmouth, Gonzoe, Tech9ne* *

lype shit dat zijn dope trax gek!, die tech9ne link ook #dope styl#
hiphop naar het oosten,laat maar komen
Gepost door Weazel op dinsdag 25-03-2008 om 21:50:03

William L. Calhoun, Jr. (born in 1970)
Better known by his stage name WC / pronounced "Dub-C"
He is an American West Coast rapper.
And was born in Texas, but moved to Los Angeles at an early age.

Known for his long braided goatee, sharp lyricism
And crip walking, WC has been a staple in West Coast gangsta rap since the early 1990s.

WC "Dub C" from Westside Connection C-Walk


WC ft. Ice Cube - Paranoid

WC ft The Game - Westcoast Voodoo

WC ft Snoop Dogg Nate Dogg - The Streets

Westside Connection = Mack 10, Ice Cube, WC

Westside Connection - Terrorist Threats

Westside Connection - Bow Down

Westside Connection - Let It Rain

Westside Connection - Gangstas Make The World Go Round

Gewoon dikke shit.
Check die flow van WC

sreob Gepost door sreob op zaterdag 05-04-2008 om 16:22:04
wc is zekers wel master met zyn raps en zijn beroemde c-walk altyd
en hy is ook typisch weer zon geval van een zwaar ondershatte rappert
hiphop naar het oosten,laat maar komen
Gepost door Weazel op zaterdag 05-04-2008 om 19:00:47
Glasses Malone - Malone (produced by Golden Eye)

Ook een lekker nummer.
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Amsterdam020 Gepost door Amsterdam020 op woensdag 09-04-2008 om 20:54:26
Weazel schreef op 11-07-2007 @ 14:26
Ook wel grote namen in Amerika.
Maar hier in Nederland niet echt bekend.

C-Bo, Yukmouth, I Roc, Killa Tay, Too $hort, Bad Azz, Lil C Style.

Defari, Above the Law (groep), King Tee, RBX, The whoridaz (groep).

Brotha lynch Hung, Luni Corleone, B-Legit, Spic 1, Dru Down, Mac Dre.

Mistah F.A.B, Messy Marv, Keak da Sneak, Paris (niet Hilton BITCH!)

Young Lay, JT the Bigga Figga, Planet Asia, Rasco, Saafir, MC Eiht, E-40.

Phill the Agony, J Wells, Big Syke, Mithy Slick, South Central Cartel (groep).

Jayo Felony, Krondon, DJ Quick (rapt ook), San Quinn, Ant Banks, Ras Kass.

The Coup (groep), Souls of Mischief (groep), Glasses Malone, Roscoe.

Guerilla Black (Biggie sound-alike), Bishop Lamont, Jurassic 5, Sly Boogy.

The Federation (groep), Ya Boy, Spider Loc, Eastwood, Lil Eazy E (zoon van).

Kan nog wel even doorgaan.
Maar ik denk dat veel mensen er hier maar een paar van kennen.

allemaal dope shit
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